Our Vision

To encourage a culture of research, innovation, change and adoption to be in the forefront on all new waves of technology to best serve the needs of our stakeholders.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with cost effective business solutions to meet their immediate and on-going needs. To our employees, job security and prosperity through being an integral part of a company of integrity and impeccable reputation. To our shareholders, an adequate return on their investment.

Trinidad Systems Limited began operations in 1979 and is the parent company of the TSL Group of Companies which encompasses a diverse scope of sectors. The company was started by Nicholas Galt and was one of the few pure indigenous ICT Companies at that time. The group employs a total of over 250 staff regionally and provides end-to-end solutions in all fields of Information and Communication Technology.
In addition to brick and mortar, TSL has partnerships in several islands through which goods and services are provided to various organizations in a broad range of industries.
Our diverse and wide range of products coupled with in house business consultancy services, enables us to deliver complete and fully integrated solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of both our commercial and residential customers.
The group's vision is to mirror its accomplishments in the Caribbean, through partnering with best-of-breed organizations in the ICT services arena. This will be done whilst maintaining our culture of customer service, fair business practice and the development of our Human Resources.

Our Watch Words


We do business and treat with persons and situations in an open and honest manner, always within the law of the societies in which we operate.


We employ gifted and talented persons to work in a creative environment. We are inventive in our outlook and imaginative in our delivery. We seek to provide services and products which solve our clients' problems in new and creative ways.


We are fair in all our dealings ensuring that all parties obtain the value they expect from any transaction or association. Where there is discord, we do our part to ensure an avenue for reconciliation.


We endeavour to understand how our actions impact others and increase participation through consultation and effective discourse. This is in order to provide an uplifting experience to all who interact with us.


We strive to continuously improve the services and products we provide which solve our own and our clients' problems by adopting the process of "KAIZEN". We will achieve our goals through the determined efforts of our people and unwavering commitment to the cause.


The TSL family has always had CSR built in to its DNA and having partnered with many NGO’s in the past, it then became necessary to forge ahead under our own umbrella. TSL Foundation was formed in April 2018 as the charitable arm of Trinidad Systems Limited and the TSL Group, governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of TSL staff who promote corporate social responsibility and making positive contributions to our communities. Funded by donations and fund-raising efforts, we provide humanitarian services to the needy and underprivileged who fall under our platform scope – i.e. youth mentorship and environmental needs.

We believe that we have the power to give our community more than our products as we seek to foster a connection with the community, believing that our charitable actions will spark the overall social change we aim to achieve.

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Trinidad Systems Limited offers a unique environment dedicated to the performance and development of our employees. We hire the nation's best and brightest who can solve the most important ICT problems and share our passion for the future. Our values are what keeps our people motivated and we're proud to have such a diverse and inclusive team who contribute to our energetic and innovative culture.


Nicholas Galt image
Nicholas Galt
Stuart Franco image
Stuart Franco
Chief Executive Officer
Jean Victor de Silva image
Jean Victor de Silva
Chief Operating Officer
Roger Galt image
Roger Galt
Chief Financial Officer
Nicole Galt image
Nicole Galt
Colin Mowser image
Colin Mowser
Executive Director - Hosting Services
Giselle Forde-Reid image
Giselle Forde-Reid
Director / Financial Controller
Derek Tang Nian image
Derek Tang Nian
Managing Director - TSL Leasing Co. Ltd. & Company Secretary - Trinidad Systems Limited
  • The TSL Group celebrates 40 years of being in business
  • Nicholas Galt retired as CEO, Stuart Franco was appointed as CEO
  • The TSL Foundation and Printree were founded
  • TSL won Xerox Distributor of the year for the 6th time
  • Meso Limited and Petrocom Ltd were founded
  • TSL Barbados was founded
  • Developed and launched CCTP in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development and First Citizens Bank
  • Launched Pay at the Pump solution
  • First to deploy Court Recording Solutions in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Launched Digital Top-up in Trinidad
  • TSL Leasing was founded. We moved into our current office space on Woodford Street
  • First to develop software for banks
  • Launched digital printing and sold the most digital machines in the region
  • DocuCentre was founded
  • The company name was changed to Trinidad Systems Limited
  • HRP was developed and launched
  • Nicholas Galt conceived of and started the development of HRP
  • Downsized legacy systems at customer office sites throughout Trinidad
  • Purchased the Woodford Street location and renovated it
  • Nicholas started TSL, known then as The Office Equipment Co