Human Centric Lighting - Mimicking Natural Daylight

By Charles Millan
Integrated Solutions Division Manager
August 26, 2022

Why PoE Lighting is the way to go

The requirements of a hybrid work space requires cost savings, secure connectivity, flexibility, sustainability and environment health and wellness. All in unison.

Now this may seem challenging, but with the right network infrastructure and the right partners, you can unleash your building’s “superpower” to handle it all.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) for Human Centric Lighting (HCL)

HCL is the art of creating lighting that mimics the natural daylight which enhances human performance, comfort, health and well-being. The most obvious effect of light on humans, is vision.

PoE is here to facilitate a variety of connected and interconnected devices, sensors and controllers that allow you to be in control of your hybrid workspaces in a manner we could of only dreamed of a years ago. High-efficiency LED panels save energy cost and lower building maintenance expenses. Compared to standard lighting fixtures, LED panels are 30% more efficient and has a life span of 50,000 hours.

Here are key features to PoE Lighting over conventional lighting:

There is no contest between PoE and other lighting options as far as the yearly cost to operate and longevity/lifespan, your annual electrical bill savings can range from 50 - 80%. The installation alone between other lighting sources, such as AC conduits and structured cabling, is far more expensive and complicated than a PoE installation.

One of the misconceptions regarding PoE lighting is that, in general, it’s far more expensive as the light fixtures themselves are pricier than tray lighting. However, the ROI of a PoE system is far greater that traditional lighting. You just have to get through the initial expense of the fixture costs.

Looking to the Future …

With our technology partners we at TSL can address any challenge when it comes to a single space, data center, floor or entire building using system integration solutions over PoE.

Reach out and let us show you how.

Charles Millan,