Healthy, Happy Hearts

By Alana Harris
Marketing Officer
December 4, 2019
Healthy, Happy Hearts main image

At the TSL Group, we’re all about taking action, not just talking about it. It’s important to us to empower our staff members to lead healthier lives and have taken on the responsibility of providing them the resources to do so. Throughout the year, we have supported health and wellness initiatives that encourage staff to adopt healthy practices such as physical activity, mindful mental health habits and frequent doctor’s visits. This year, we participated in 5K’s, walks for charity and other fitness initiatives, had psychology professionals come in to speak to staff about positive mental health practices and had medical practitioners come to our office to offer free health screenings and general health education to our team.

This November, TSL took on the Movember Challenge which is the largest men’s health movement in the world, aimed at raising awareness and generating impactful conversations around the topics of men’s mental health, prostate and testicular cancer. We are dedicated to doing our part here in Trinidad to resolve what we believe is a global crisis: Men around the world are dying six years earlier than women for a variety of reasons. This disparity is caused by the stigma associated with men’s mental health and a negligent attitude towards going for regular check-ups at the doctor. Our goal here is to shift societal standards to foster healthier and more progressive attitudes and behaviours when it comes to the way our men deal with their health. TSL supports the Movember movement as we want to be agents for change and to encourage our fathers, grandfathers, brothers, sons, friends and colleagues to get tested, stay active and speak up!