Balance For Better | The TSL Group Celebrates International Women’s Day

By Giselle Forde-Reid
Financial Controller and Director
March 8, 2019
Balance For Better | The TSL Group Celebrates International Women’s Day main image

On 5th December 2005, I walked through the welcoming doors of Trinidad Systems Limited (TSL), with a bit of trepidation and much anticipation.

This was the second job of my career, after a twenty year tenure at a financial institution. I entered the world of work at age 18, while studying for my ACCA qualification (Oops! that gives an idea of my age). I started out as a Clerk and, with very good mentors along the way, left as a Senior Manager with a great deal of experience, as well as academic achievements.

Prior to joining TSL, I knew well of the company and its operations, and was aware of the major positive changes which it was experiencing. Today, I am quite pleased to be around, to be part this company, as it celebrates its 40-year milestone. Quite a feat, especially with the dire state of the local and global economy.

When I came on board, one of my first objectives was to learn and embrace our organisation’s culture, while gaining hands-on knowledge of the various functions and workflows of the staff and department.

I then began, with the support of the team over the years, to implement changes to enhance some processes and procedures, with the aim of more efficient and timely delivery of services from the finance department. However, this came with its own share of challenges; there were success stories as well as errors along the way that needed to be revisited.

Thanks today to the remarkable senior team of Caroline, Carisha and Ryan, along with our very efficient and loyal support team of females - too many names to mention, but you know yourselves ladies! All with the tremendous support of CFO, Roger. We are all about team work in the finance department.

Over the years, I have seen Staff grow into their respective roles. Many have stayed with us; others, enriched by their TSL experience, left to fulfil their own aspirations and goals (some keeping in touch about their achievements).

Job satisfaction comes in various forms. It is indeed a gratifying feeling when you know you have made a positive impact on someone’s life or career. For example, being a mentor and recommending two Accountants for ACCA membership. The TSL ‘family’ culture is conducive to helping each other along the way. Our Chairman Nicholas has always encouraged this.

I have learnt and continue to learn from Staff at all levels within our organisation. I am not averse to taking on a challenge and giving it my best.

Today, many women worldwide still face numerous challenges – for example not being recognised for their contributions in the workplace and even in the home. The onus is on us to persevere giving every challenge our best effort, in ways which do not compromise our integrity or morality. The wise words of one of my former supervisors have stayed with me: “Many have the ability to get to the top but not the character to stay there.” I leave you to ponder.

My mottos are: to gain respect you need to give respect. Always be firm but fair. (I always aim to have a clear conscience).

I wish to thank my managers both past and present, along with my mentors for the confidence placed in me over the years. My recent appointment to the Board of Directors bears testimony to the TSL philosophy of gender equality and fairness.

As we observe UN International Women’s Day, it is my pleasure to extend greetings to all the ladies of our TSL family. Let us adopt this year’s theme: “think equal, build smart, innovate for change”. May we always strive to treat each other with respect; we are all mothers, daughters, sisters, colleagues to someone. May God bless each of you.